Resolution Concerning State and Provincial Lawmaking
to Require Mandatory Ballast Treatment
Prior to Discharge into the Great Lakes

Whereas federal laws of 1990 and 1996, and efforts of Ontario, intended to stop the introduction of biological contamination into the Great Lakes and its spread to inland lakes and waterways have not stopped the introduction of foreign organisms, and

Whereas the federal agencies which were assigned to implement and enforce existing laws have been unable to develop any significant level of compliance to the law’s intent, and

Whereas agencies seem not to hesitate to fine or shut down U.S. or Canadian industrial companies or utilities for pollution, yet they fail to take action against the transportation industry that is contaminating the waters they are responsible to protect, and

Whereas commercial vessels refuse to make significant efforts to eliminate this contamination without legislative or economic incentives, and 

Whereas one Michigan State Legislator (Senator Ken Sikkema R-Grandville), a member of New Brunswick Parliament (Greg Thompson), and the State of Washington, have picked up the banner and begun efforts to add state and provincial control to require and enforce rules controlling all substances discharged into their respective waters, and

Whereas such an action by one state or province would be ineffective.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and all advisors carry forward the message of need for ALL shoreline states and provinces, and those impacted by the transfer of this biological pollution, to the natural resources committee chairmen and ministers in every state and province lobbying for an effort to join them together in formulating environmentally protective standards for any ballast discharge (which includes NOBOB, persistent toxins, and biological pollution) and setting a mandatory compliance date. Once established, allow the shipping industry who are in the best position to judge what technology is feasible and cost-effective, to comply with the established standards and
implementation date.

Resolution 00-2
Adopted June 6, 2000
Duluth, MN
U.S. Advisors, supported by Canadian Advisors