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The Great Lakes Fishery Commission Project Catalogue is a searchable catalogue of projects funded by the Commission and datasets arising from those funded projects. The Project Catalogue does not host any datasets, rather the goal is to provide users with information allowing them to find data and resources arising from Commission-funded work.

The Project Catalogue is made up of two types of pages: project pages and data pages. Project pages give basic information on research projects funded by the Commission and may include links to publicly available research products. Data pages describe datasets generated by funded projects, including information on how to access the data. Data pages are aways associated with a host project page, but each project page may have multiple data pages.

Both project and data pages can be searched using the search fields below. Search results are sorted into project pages (top) and data pages (bottom).

This catalogue is currently being populated and in beta form. If you encounter any issues, please email with a description of the problem and include “Project Catalogue” in the subject line.

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Commission-Funded Projects

Title PI End Year Keywords
Collection of fish images to be used in development of autonomous fish identification and sorting tool Zielinski, Dan 2020 Fish passage/connectivity,
Genetic basis of sex determination in sea lamprey Docker, Margaret 2023 Genetics, Aquatic invasive/exotic species, Development (biology), Bioinformatics, Sea lamprey, Large data sets/databases,
Quantifying abundance and recruitment in a re-establishing lake trout population by close-kin mark-recapture Marsden, Ellen 2024 Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Lake trout, Dynamics (population/community/predator-prey), Large data sets/databases,
Evaluating vessel avoidance during acoustic/trawl surveys of pelagic forage fish using a hybrid research vessel Stockwell, Jason 2025 Ecology, Behaviour, Dynamics (population/community/predator-prey), Prey fishes, Remote sensing ,
Development of a prototype two-channel fishway that selectively excludes and removes sea lamprey Wagner, Michael 2026 Ecology, Hydrology, Barriers and trapping, Behaviour, Fish passage/connectivity, Advanced statistics, Sea lamprey, Telemetry/tagging/marking,

Datasets Generated by Commission-Funded Projects

Title Waterbody End Year Keywords
FishL Low Resolution Images of Fish from the Great Lakes Region Basin-wide 2020 Fish passage/connectivity, Imaging,
Tools to Apply Deep Convolution Neural Networks to Predict Species in Great Lakes Region Basin-wide 2020 computer learning, Fish passage/connectivity, Imaging,
Image and biometric data for fish from Great Lakes tributaries collected during spring 2019 Basin-wide 2020 Fish passage/connectivity, Imaging,
Gonadal transcriptomic data from different stages of gonadal development in male and female sea lamprey Basin-wide 2023
Scripts and configurations to run SexFindR: A computational workflow to identify young and old sex chromosomes Basin-wide 2020
High resolution microsatellite genotypes for Lake Champlain Lake trout Lake Champlain 2022 Genetics, Lake Trout, microsatellites, sequencing,
Survey data and individual fish metrics for Lake Champlain Lake trout Lake Champlain 2022 Diet,